November 2017

A Guide to Buying Your Aphrodite a Gift

A go-to guide slash gift brainstorming session on buying your favourite Aphrodite a small gift!

It's no secret that a luxury companion in Europe is a very special lady. Not only can she turn any event into an exhilarating one full of lust and thrill, but she's also educated and beautiful. 

For that reason, it's very much appreciated (but not mandatory) for you, the client, to meet with your luxury companion bearing a small gift. This could be anything from handbags to perfume, depending on what your escort likes. 

On every Aphrodite's profile, you will find a section solely dedicated to her specific gift ideas. It is a great idea to choose something off of her list because then you are certain to succeed, gaining brownie points for you. Again, a gift is not mandatory, but always appreciated.

And to get your gift brainstorming ideas a boost however, we've comprised a list of five small gift ideas that'll surely impress your escort date, and show her that you have a soft, caring and thoughtful side.

High Class Escort Gift Guide

Five Thoughtful Gifts for Your Escort

Gift Cards

Another solid gift idea, as it gives your luxury companion the opportunity to buy something that she truly wants. You can't possibly go wrong with an Amazon gift card or perhaps one for a lingerie store. 

Additionally, if you can always ask us about your chosen luxury companion to get a feel for what she really likes.


Perfume is definitely a great gift to receive... but only if you know the exact fragrance that your luxury companion is after. Buying her the wrong brand means wasted money and one slightly disappointed escort model. 

Be sure to read her profile carefully to find out what her favourite fragrance is - if you're unsure, give it a miss or simply ask us for more information.


Lingerie is always a great idea, as it gives your luxury companion the ability to wear something that you would absolutely love to see her in. Not only that, but if you are aware of her own personal style and favourite lingerie brand, you will definitely make her day by making her feel special. 

Lingerie is a gift that your luxury companion would ordinarily buy herself, so for that reason - your gift will, for sure, be put to good use. But bear in mind the size and style before attempting to guess. If you're unsure of what colour or style to go for - a black classic item is always a charm. 

Tip: Agent Provocateur is always a good idea!

Designer Heels

A pair of designer heels will mostly certainly be a perfect gift, but again - make sure that you know the size, style and brand that your luxury companion prefers. 

If you have met with your luxury companion on several occasion in the past, this should not be a problem. If it is your first date however, it's best to check her profile or ask us about your choice so that your gift does not go to waste.

Designer Handbag

Lastly, a woman will always appreciate a designer handbag - no ifs and no buts! But to make sure it's an accessory that she absolutely adores, double check the brands that she loves and perhaps wait until after you've met to make sure you gift her with one that really suits her fashion style and personality.

But at the end of the day, even a beautiful bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates will be a wonderful gift. After all, it's the thought that counts.
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