September 2023

Jess Has a New Escort Review!

An English rose from the North. 

Jess is an English rose from the North. 

Conversation flowed all through the afternoon, be it in private quarters or when out to dinner later on.

She has amazing range and smarts – simply, fantastic.

Jess is very easy to be with – in fact time flies with her. 

She is armed with a natural curiosity, a wide array of experience, and a great sense of humour. So, all through the evening we talked about almost everything from rugby and football to Dubai and the Great Lakes district, media, xxx, relationships, wine, Catholic Convent School, France – she really is a great date.

I would also say that she is addictive. One wants more time with her.

She is also real and classy and a perfect fit – no strange looks from others when at a restaurant or bar – only admiring looks from men and approving looks from women. She has a very neat look and demeanour. 

Privately, Jess is amazingly fit, confident and quick to take command.

She is simply breathtaking as she is both athletic and curvy, while being naturally appealing.

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