June 2022

Sylvie Has a New Escort Review

"I knew from the pictures that she was beautiful. And yes, indeed, the pictures are accurate. But they don't fully capture her beauty... especially her gorgeous eyes."

My experience with Sylvie was very nice and pleasant.

She was very easy to talk to and there was no awkward moments. Our conversation was very nice and it was interesting to hear about her experiences from travelling etc.

She has a lovely personality too. She is very sweet and empathic.

I can easily say she exceeded my expectations.

I am also very pleased with Aphrodite's services. You always responded fast and accurate in our communication.

I trusted you right away and my gut feeling about you was correct. Your matchmaking skills are excellent too.

You don't know me, other than my brief initial presentation, but from what I can tell you made a very good job in matching me with Sylvie. I will use your services again soon.

Sylvie's Favourite Clothing & Lingerie Style

Sylvie is a Geneva Aphrodite that usually wears something classic and refined.

However, she is easily adaptable to whatever the occasion calls for.

Her lingerie style is elegant, sexy and seductive! But most importantly, she wants to know what you'd like to see her in!

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