June 2022

Sylvie & Lea Have a New Escort Review

The meeting with Sylvie and Lea went extremely well … Actually it was one of the best moments I had in years!

Spending time with them was like being on an island of pleasure. I was lost in time, it was such an unforgettable experience.

Sylvie, she is fantastic. Model-like, passionate, her coolness hides a tigress able to consume everything.

Lea is a pearl. She's a beauty, funny, caring, and underneath a fireball able to smack your soul in the blink of an eye.

And they both incarnate the shape of Italia à la perfection!

Thank you again for arranging this Peter, you are the man!

More About Sylvie

Sylvie is a big fan of extreme sports. She strives to discover new things so she dedicates a lot of her free time to studying, reading books and learning about other cultures.

She also loves exploring art and design, going to museums, listening to good music perhaps while taking a hot bath, and she cannot wait to go on a getaway vacation because she adores traveling!

More About Lea

A genuine, gorgeous, and intelligent Aphrodite who loves a nice glass of Champagne or wine in order to set the perfect tone for a great date!

She also enjoy long drinks, like certain cocktails, and her favourite dishes are Mediterranean, Japanese, and Arabic cuisine.

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