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Beware! This enticing woman, while completely enchanting and sultry, also comes with the ability to give you weak knees.

Portfolio: Summer 2018

The story of How Peter Met Dafne...

Mama Mia, Belle Ragazze! Dafne and I met on a miserable grey and rainy afternoon in February. A few minutes after my arrival this incredibly cute, little bit shy, young Italian lady walks in. She's wearing a warm yellow-orange winter coat, a Siberian hat, tight jeans and sexy short boots, she smiles at me with her beautiful white teeth and within seconds my knees were weak.

After catching my breath, we began talking about the naughty things. Dafne told me that everybody thinks of her as a good girl, "but actually I'm not," she said. Even a bomb alarm could not distract me anymore, so I urged her to explain. "Well, my partners are always surprised about my performance, maybe because I'm always so calm, but I would definitely describe myself as an active and passionate lover. I'm very orgasmic and one of the things I like a lot is to dress up. I have a wide range of erotic costumes, from sexy nurse to cat suits to naughty police woman and so on. Plus, my lingerie collection is huge." I was trying not to drool (too much), my knees got all weak again and I started an intense session of what they call 'daydreaming'...

Love, Peter

Dafne's Feedback


Ma rencontre dans la ville romantique s'est merveilleusement bien passée.

Vous venez de trouvez une pépite d'or, Dafné est à elle toute seule un océan de douceur, de gentillesse, d'amabilité, d'attention, de fraicheur, ...... WOAW 36 h après je suis toujours sous le charme. Je pense que Dafné ne laisse aucun homme indifférent, elle a tout pout plaire. L'avoir à son bras pendant une balade romantique fait tourner la tête de beaucoup de personnes.

Sous la couette, difficile de trouver mieux !! Elle a un corps parfait, elle est super sexy, ultra girl friend. Cette rencontre frise la PERFECTION, tout était parfait.

The best

Dafne was simply the best date I've had in the past two years. She ticked all the right boxes for what a great date should be! I only wish I had met her sooner!

A star

Really an amazing date that I would rate amongst the top 5 I've ever been on. Not sure if I would believe it, if you told me that she has never worked in this business before, but no matter, she is a storm between the sheets. Stating she is multiorgasmic would be an understatement. You have to stop occasionally cause I was getting worried she'd go into seizure... But she's stubborn and can't really seem to get enough. Not a bad quality at all ;-). A nice repeat performance in the morning. Barely got her to the station ontime.

I think you might have found a star. I'd definitely want to see her again.

A weekend with Dafne

I had a wonderful, wonderful time with Dafne.

You are some sort of genius ...

Weekend in Istanbul
Dafne is a very nice and super sexy girl. She is the perfect girl friend. I look forward to seeing her aging in the future. Thank you for the arrangement and the amazing opportunity.
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Profile & Preferences

Age: 24 - 28
Height: 164
Weight: 47
Dress size: 34
Cup size: C Cup (natural)
Languages: French (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (fluent)
Occupation: Office assistant
Hobbies, free time and sports: Yoga, dance, ski, fitness, skating, cooking, wining and dining, city trips
Looks: Chocolate brown hair & green eyes
Build: Petite, sexy & all natural
Food and cuisine: I love all cuisines apart from Indian food.
Drinks: Champagne, wine, soda, water
Perfume: J'adore (Dior)
Clothing style: Classic, sporty or elegant. I have something fantastic for every occasion.
Lingerie style: Variety is the spice of life! I personally love role playing outfits.
Designers: Chantal Thomas, Prada, French Connection, Chanel, YSL, Dior
Gift ideas: Jewelry, shoes, handbags, sunglasses
Travel destinations: Anywhere in Europe and Asia
Orientation: Bi sexual

Dafne's Rates

Hourly rates
Two short, but sweet hours
€ 1.000
Four hours of private time only
€ 1.450
Dinner dates
Three hours of private time or a four-hour dinner date (that includes two hours of private time)
€ 1.300
Six hours of private time (including a two-hour lunch or dinner)
€ 1.600
Overnight stays
Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later
€ 2.100
Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening
€ 2.400
24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day
€ 2.700
48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation
€ 4.800
Additional info
Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending
€ 1.200