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Cindy is like a fine wine - it absolutely gets better with age. This girl is young at heart with an extremely vivacious body and an intellectual mind.

Portfolio: Summer 2018

The story of How Peter Met Cindy...

I was waiting for Cindy in a restaurant near Schiphol Airport, and if there had been a plane crash I wouldn't even have noticed; I was that much sucked into the moment. She made my mouth water when she walked up to me: a tall, gracious and elegant lady, dressed smart-chic, with the typical Dutch spontaneity and self-confident schwung. It's her hair, her eyes, that smile - there's nothing I didn't like about her.

She's well-traveled, broadly interested, adventurous - anything but boring! Cindy has so much life experience to share, so many different interests and activities going on I literally had to run to catch the last train back to Brussels, though I wouldn't have minded having to spend the night with her ;-)

Figuratively speaking, I was on my knees and hanging onto her lips - what a shame it wasn't so in reality. Talking with Cindy about private time ranges from romantic-passionate in sheer lingerie, naughty-adventurous, wild xxx to bossy-sexy with matching k*nky role playing costumes ... My my my ... Women these days!!!

Book Cindy if you are after a real woman for a date that could go every possible direction you can think of. 

Love, Peter

Cindy's Feedback

Dedicated to please

Cindy was terrific from beginning to end. Very nice and elegant dressed. Always very friendly and with an attentive attitude. A mature and relaxed personality with reflected and intelligent opinions. In intimate matters, very skilled and dedicated to please. All in all, she couldn't have been better.

Maelstrom of passion

Cindy is everything you described and more. She has blown both of us away, in a maelstrom of passion and pleasure. We wanted the best, the elite, and this is exactly what we had the privilege to experience. In many ways, she even exceeded our expectations. 

A truly special memory we will always cherish. When we opted to use your service, it was based on your outstanding reviews and glowing reputation. We can attest those are indeed well earned.

You have been been flawless in your communication and follow up, and a real pleasure to deal with. You can rest assured that if we ever decide to use similar service again, you will be our one and only choice.

escort agency in Amsterdam

Profile & Preferences

Age: 34 - 38
Height: 180
Weight: 66
Dress size: 36
Cup size: D Cup (enhanced)
Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English (fluent)
Occupation: Model and business consultant
Hobbies, free time and sports: Dance, fitness, swimming, traveling, dancing, horseback riding
Looks: Blonde hair & brown eyes
Build: Tall with long legs, mode-like
Food and cuisine: Mediterranean and Asian
Drinks: Cocktails, champagne, white wine
Perfume: Depends on the situation and the season. I love sweet smelling perfumes.
Clothing style: Classic feminine, smart chic, sexy and sophisticated. Think 'naughty teacher'.
Lingerie style: Whatever you like! I love wearing boots and naughty role playing outfits.
Designers: Fendi, Just Cavalli, Karl L, Calvin Klein, G-star, Gucci
Gift ideas: Flowers, perfume, spa treatments
Travel destinations: Mediterranean, Caribbean and fun cities such as Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan and Berlin.
Orientation: Bi sexual

Cindy's Rates

Hourly rates
Two short, but sweet hours
€ 1.000
Four hours of private time only
€ 1.450
Dinner dates
Three hours of private time or a four-hour dinner date (that includes two hours of private time)
€ 1.300
Six hours of private time (including a two-hour lunch or dinner)
€ 1.600
Overnight stays
Short overnight date, (approx. 10-12 hours) starting at the star-gazing hour of 21:00 or later
€ 2.100
Long overnight date, (approx. 16-18 hours) whereby your Aphrodite will join you in the afternoon or early evening
€ 2.400
24 hours of indulgence, forget about time for a day
€ 2.700
48 hours in paradise, a mini-vacation
€ 4.800
Additional info
Every additional overnight, the fun is never-ending
€ 1.200