July 2024

A Q&A: How to Become an Escort

"Her hair, a cascade of silken dreams,

Flows like a river, in moonlit beams.

It frames a face of ethereal light,

A vision of beauty, a celestial light."

— the beauty of an escort

Welcome to the world of Aphrodite Agency, a high class escort service based in Europe and the UK. And because we've been successfully organising dates for classy women and upscale gentlemen for more than 20 years, we're in-the-know when it comes to how to become an escort.

Whether you're a complete beginner looking to start a thrilling journey in escorting, are currently an escort but not fully satisfied, or are a more experienced escort looking to broaden your horizon, we'd love to help you reach your full potential.

Indulge in our Q&A style guide on how to become an escort, and thrive.

becoming an escort

1. Question: How do you become an escort?

How do you become an escort? A loaded question but most certainly the most important one. Firstly you would have to decide whether you wanted to be an escort with an agency or if you'd like to be an independent escort.

What is it like to be an escort who works with an agency?

An escort who works with a high class agency will have the opportunity to enjoy upscale dinner dates, travel experiences, and meaningful meetings with trusted gentlemen. 

These gentlemen are often businessmen who travel extensively for work, and are looking for an equally as ambitious and upscale women to accompany them. To work for a high class escort agency means that you are not only beautiful, bold, and intriguing, but also intelligent, hardworking, and committed. 

High class escorts are very well-taken care of, physically, and have a certain poise and status about them. 

What is an independent escort?

An independent escort is a woman that has decided to be her own boss, controlling every aspect of her escort experience. In this way, she will create her own website and or social media channels, perhaps upload her details onto open escort databases, and find her own clients. She will also talk with the clients, create her own schedule, and decide her own rates. An independent escort is fully in charge of her working life.

(Here's a nifty comparison on being with an escort agency vs being an independent escort.)

Depending on which one you choose, the way in which you go about becoming an escort will differ.

Working with an escort agency

you'll first want to do your research. A lot of agencies may seem legitimate and they may make extravagant promises to you, but it's up to you to go further to find out if it's a safe and welcoming space for you.

After you've done your research, you can begin to reach out to your chosen escort agencies. A sign of a good agency would be:

  • receiving a reply promptly, whether your application was a success or not

  • getting a warm and friendly tone from their communication

  • being asked for some form of interaction, be it via a video call or an in-person meeting

At Aphrodite Agency, we extend an invitation to potential candidates for a video call at first so that we can both get a feel for one another. If both parties are interested, this will then move on to an in-person meeting in the city in which you live. It's safe to say that once you've gotten in touch with us and we are intrigued by your profile, we'll be working with you to become an escort, making things a lot easier for you.

Before you start your research however, there are some character traits and physical attributes that are more preferred and welcome:

  • Being authentic, friendly, enthusiastic, considerate, patient, empathetic, and charming

  • Being adventurous, positive, open minded, a good listener, and well-mannered

  • Being motivated, reliable, punctual, and with a enthusiastic work ethic

  • Being seductive, sensual, erotic, stylish, discreet, and confident without being arrogant

  • Being healthy, with a drug-free lifestyle, preferably a non-smoker, in-shape by exercising and eating well

  • Taking pride in personal grooming such as appearance, body, and clothing.

  • Intelligence, and being able to hold a conversation with various types of people

Then there are some moral questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel comfortable working in this industry?

  • Do you think this kind of work will impact you emotionally and/or romantically?

  • Are you excited by the idea of lustful adventures, regardless of the physical aspect?

  • Are you torn, morally, about engaging in this line of work because of friends and family?

Working as an independent escort

you'll need to do a lot more research in terms of how you will promote and market yourself. Do you want to join an online platform or would you rather start your own website and find clients yourself? When you become an independent escort, there are a lot more factors to consider, including safety, payments, schedules, and more. Our comparison guide above should help you to understand these factors.

Both being an escort at an agency and being an independent escort have their pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which route you'd like to go.

2. Question: What do escorts offer?

If you're looking to work in this industry, and perhaps wondering how do you become a high class escort with Aphrodite Agency, here's the perfect description of what our Aphrodite escorts offer...

"A high class escort is all about luxury and sophistication. They're the kinds of individuals who truly shine when they are themselves as opposed to taking on a fake or different persona. For example, while one escort may put on a little show, full of happiness and enthusiasm, a high class escort was almost born to be themselves and to behave as their high end self during dates and beyond. This itself, shows that high class escorts have that element of authenticity. 

Then, there's the aspect of a high class escort creating a space that makes a client feel relaxed and comfortable enough to build trust, to explore, and to figure out the things that they like or dislike with a fantastic escort. Being with a high class escort means forgetting about time for a moment and truly being present without pressure. There is no sense of urgency with a high class escort as it is not about counting down to the end of an hour, leaving only enough space for a mere interaction and nothing more meaningful."

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How do you become an escort

3. Question: How do you become an escort that's professional?

Tips and tricks to becoming an escort that's professional, whether you're going with an escort agency or you're planning to be an independent escort.

For those who want to become an escort with an agency, being professional can take you far. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Read reviews on escort agency websites, about the agency in general as well as individual escorts on the site. Great agencies will have a lot to say about the escorts that they represent, but they should also have reviews written by clients. And while it can be difficult to decipher whether these reviews are authentic or not, you have the added bonus of using external websites to read verified reviews, such as Captain 69.

  • Take note of how long they take to reply to you as well as how the email is written and what information it contains. Long-winded emails that are wordy yet and not easy to understand can be a red flag. Transparency and clear communication as well as correct spelling and a friendly yet professional tone is usually a good sign. Additionally, the agency should be willing and open to talking with you about their agency, how they work, and the escorts that they represent.

For those who want to become an independent escort, the best goal is professionalism. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Make sure you've got a great website presentation (if you're planning to create your own site and market yourself). Your website should give others insight into who you are, your personality, style, and what you have to offer. Again, transparency is key. Additionally, you may want to hire a copywriter or a proofreader to make sure that your website is written in a professional tone and be sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Including an "about me" section is a good idea too as it really can allow others to see your true personality.

  • Work on your social media presence. On some platforms and in some countries, it's not allowed to have or market this kind of a service, but with research, choosing one or two platforms and using them correctly is an excellent way to market yourself and gain new clients. Having social media accounts also gives your (potential) clients the chance to see the real you.

  • When it comes down to business, being upfront about your rates, your services and the things that you do not want to do is important. For one, you don't want to create a negative experience with hidden or unfamiliar costs as that may lose you a regular. And two, by being specific about what you do and don't offer, you're minimising risks and the chance of a negative experience.

4. Question: What are the pros of becoming an escort?

The escort experience can differ from person to person, and that is largely to do with which escort agency you're with or how you market yourself.

For those who want to become an escort with Aphrodite agency, here are a few pros:

  • We offer travel adventures which means that you could be enjoying a luxury date with a gentleman in various locations around the world.... all expenses paid. These dates are almost always in five star hotels.

  • We plan dates weeks in advance and don't offer any last minute dates. This means that you can plan your own schedule, and accept or decline the dates that do not fit into it. Never will there be a sense of urgency or pressure. We also don't offer in-call dates.

  • If you become an escort with us, we offer dates with upscale gentlemen that have connections. This could be a great networking tool for you if you are hoping to succeed in your main career or hobby.

For those who want to become an escort that's independent here are a few pros:

  • You'll be able to have full freedom to create your own schedule, whether that includes in-calls, out-calls, or both.

  • You can tailor your services to reflect exactly what you'd like to experience during your dates.

  • You can screen your clients yourself, using your intuition.

  • You can set your own rates.

For both escorts working at an agency and independent escorts, here are a few pros:

  • Working as an escort means exploring and experimenting in a controlled environment.

  • You'll be able to embrace your sensuality, sexuality, and more seductive side.

  • You'll be able to get an (extra) income. With Aphrodite Agency specifically, we offer luxury adventures for those who already have their studies or career to focus on, which means that being an escort is merely something exciting on the side.

how to become an escort

5. Question: Become an escort with a focus on safety

How do you become an escort with a focus on safety? Here are a few tips to consider...

Some safety tips for those who want to become an escort:

  • Screen your clients if you're an independent, or make sure that your escort agency screens clients thoroughly

  • An independent escort may want to rely on their gut instincts to decipher whether a potential client is trustworthy, safe, and a decent gentleman

  • Research the location in which you will have your date

  • Have an escort buddy that you can let know of your whereabouts and who you are meeting

  • Drink responsibly

  • Remember that you set the rules and you are able to leave if you feel unsafe

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6. Question: How to become an escort that offers the girlfriend experience (GFE)?

First off, what is the girlfriend experience? The girlfriend experience is when a respectful gentleman requests to go on a lovely date with a high class escort in such a way that it reflects having a girlfriend.

You see, there are different types of escorts and if you're thinking of becoming an escort, you may want to think about which style may suit you best. If you feel as though you're more of a girlfriend-type date, then you might just find that you fit into the GFE mould quite perfectly.

The GFE experience as an escort often entails:

  • Intimacy that's warm, passionate, and enthusiastic

  • A feeling of genuine interest and compassion that is usually missing from casual encounters

  • Engaging conversation

  • Uninhibited companionship

  • Engaging in activities that are non-intimate, such as hiking, traveling, going on weekend getaways, or day trips

  • Enjoying public displays of affection, such as holding hands or kisses

  • Both parties really appreciating one another for who they are

  • Being able to tap into your romantic side

  • Having the chance to experience different types of intimacy such as massages

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Becoming an escort

We hope we've given you a concise and informative guide concerning: how do you become an escort.

We're a friendly escort service, always ready to chat and meet new people. So if you have any questions, want to say hello, or would like to apply to be an Aphrodite high class escort with us, please go ahead! We'd love to hear from you.

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